Note: Originally planned for July 2020, this conference is currently postponed. For further information, please contact us.

6G is expected to support 1 terabyte per second (Tbps) speeds. This level of capacity and latency will be unprecedented and will extend the performance of 5G applications. It will also expand the scope of capabilities in support of increasingly new and innovative applications across the realms of wireless cognition, sensing and imaging. Now is the time to gain insights for your company to develop strategies for success in a post 5G world.

6G conference

The drive to 6G will attract the focus of numerous industry stakeholders, including test and measurement vendors, chip developers, networking infrastructure providers, and more. This will very likely make the contest to achieve 5G dominance appear minor compared to the race to determine which countries will lead the 6G technology market and its related applications, services and solutions.

To help companies across industry verticals prepare for the 6G opportunity, the 6G Innovation and 5G Evolution Forum will bring together technology developers, strategists, and researchers to explore the capabilities of 6G, as well as how to build upon 5G to meet future market needs. In-depth presentations and panel discussions by leading industry stakeholders will provide invaluable insights towards 6G communications ecosystem realization including networking, devices, operations, solutions, and more.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • From university grants to corporate funding: Fueling the R&D investment beyond 5G
  • The low, medium, and high revenue and profit areas for 5G and beyond
  • Evolution of broadband and data economics in a post 5G world
  • Key apps and solutions for consumers, enterprise, and industrial for 5G and beyond
  • The changing business dynamic for communication service providers
  • 5G RAN impacts on network operations and services planning
  • The timing of 5G core upgrades, network and solution impacts of 5G stand-alone
  • Bolstering 5G cybersecurity and preparing to be 6G-secure at the outset
  • What is envisioned as part of 6G and how it will evolve networks, devices, and operations
  • Applying to 6G networks what we have learned from 5G technology and operations management
  • 6G RAN: Smaller, higher capacity, lower latency, and even more challenging than 5G
  • 6G Core: What will it include? Is there a place for core network artificial intelligence?
  • And more

Open and Interactive — The Forum is a different kind of event, intended to be very open to exchanging ideas about new technology/solution ideas, differing points of view about business models, and how things may change dramatically with Beyond 5G (B5G)

Objective & Authoritative — The agenda is driven by practitioners, executives, and researchers at the cutting-edge of B5G — learn directly from the experts on the front lines of innovation

Deep-Dive Networking — This is a unique opportunity to interact one-on-one with key visionaries and developers driving the future of broadband wireless. Forge connections that will yield dividends as the B5G / 6G ecosystem begins to emerge in the U.S. and globally

Who Should Attend?

  • Telecom service providers, network operators, and ISPs
  • Machine-to-machine, AI, and IoT companies
  • Mobile edge computing (MEC) firms
  • Imaging, presence technology and location awareness companies
  • Communications/computation infrastructure providers
  • Data center technology providers and operators
  • Energy and utility network operators

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