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FAVORIOT IoT Platform Resources (Tutorials, IoT Projects & Videos)

February 18, 2020 Dhanam_19 0

Using ESP With FAVORIOT – Using Arduino with FAVORIOT – Using Raspberry Pi With FAVORIOT – Using Android MIT App Inventor With FAVORIOT – Using React Native With FAVORIOT – FAVORIOT Data Visualization Using React & Plotly.js – FAVORIOT Data Visualization Using Vue & Chart.js – Using […]

Guest Articles

Will 2020 kick-start the decade of the driven human?

February 4, 2020 Guest Articles 0

Currently, there’s a lot of posturing amongst the major car manufacturers, as they jockey for position in the autonomous vehicle chase, with most of them predicting that there will be some form of self-driving vehicle on the roads by the early to mid-2020s – most likely as ride-hailing services (think Uber and Lyft) or commercial transportation (set routes, set times). Similarly, other industry voices chorus that autonomous vehicles are “coming soon,” with everyday people now becoming more accustomed to the idea, too. […]