The CMO of the Future

February 27, 2023

In order to become this CMO of the future, individuals must possess a deep understanding of both traditional and digital marketing tactics as well as how these strategies fit into larger business objectives. Companies need someone with vision that can develop integrated campaigns across multiple channels while also helping them stay ahead of trends. They want someone not just focused on short term wins but rather long term growth and success for their company.

It’s no surprise then that nearly two thirds (2/3) of CMO appointments are external hires, indicating that companies are more interested in what a candidate can bring than any history or experience they may possess from prior positions. On average internal hires have been at their organization for nearly 10 years before taking on this role meaning they need to bring something unique if they hope to be successful in such an important position.

The CMO of tomorrow needs to understand consumer behavior and insights like never before so he or she can create campaigns tailored specifically for today's target audience; think beyond traditional advertising techniques; leverage data analytics tools; and find new ways to engage consumers through emerging technologies such as AI, VR/AR etc.. It is essential that the CMO has strong communication skills so he or she is able coordinate several moving parts smoothly with various stakeholders from senior leaders down throughout the organization .

Ultimately, organizations should look for a candidate whose values align with theirs –one who embraces change yet understands when it is necessary –and take risks where appropriate all while keeping customer experiences top priority every step along way.

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