Time to Listen!

This requires adjusting their approach depending on the customer's personality while also making sure that all team members have a chance to be heard.

It is important for experts in the field to be a good match with the customer’s needs. Before any meeting takes place it is beneficial for team members to rehearse their part in the presentation, so that each person knows which questions they are expected to answer, and who will answer unexpected questions.

During the meeting it is essential that everyone receives equal time when speaking allowing them enough time after each presentation for customers’ questions without rushing or overrunning time limits; leading with your strongest player can help facilitate this process.

Finally, when closing make sure you ask for what you want directly such as “who do I meet with to arrange the proof of concept?” instead of using ambiguous language like “I hope we can do business” which may confuse clients about the next step and make them feel less confident about continuing the business relationship.

Keys to active listening:

  • Ask open-ended and probing questions
  • Request clarification
  • Be attentive and do not interrupt
  • Summarize
  • Paraphrase
  • Show empathy
  • Withhold judgement
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